Pattern Lock Kaise Tode 2 Minute

Hello friends, these days during this post we are going to apprehend that Pattern Lock Kaise Tode complete data. does one wish to interrupt the pattern lock of your phone, then positively browse this post. today everybody keeps pattern lock in their phone as a result of with this you’ll keep files safe in your phone.

If somebody doesn’t apprehend your pattern lock, then they’re going to not be able to do something on your phone. however repeatedly we tend to forget our pattern lock and during this downside we tend to don’t perceive what to try and do next.  If you head to a mobile search, then you have got to procure breaking the pattern lock. however after you will do that work yourself then what’s the necessity to present cash to someone? that is why we tend to square measure inscribing this post. when reading this post you’ll savvy to interrupt pattern lock? after you do that work yourself, it’ll prevent each time and cash. thus let’s savvy to interrupt pattern lock complete data in Hindi.

Pattern lock kaise tode : How to open the pattern lock if you forget it?  This question will be of many people.  Because such a condition comes in front of the mobile user sometime or the other.  Put pattern lock on your phone and forget it.  Or even small children in the house lock the phone while playing the game.  In this case, you will only be able to receive the phone.  The phone will be locked again as soon as it is cut.

We do many kinds of work to protect our smartphones.  As it contains a lot of private data.  For this we put a pin or a pattern in the phone.  But it often happens that we forget these pins or patterns.  We are going to tell you a way that you can unlock your Android phone from the comfort of your own home.

Using Android Google device manager

• This requires that the phone has Internet access, a Google Account Log In, and GPS is open. This method may not work for your phone.

Open a Google Account

Go to manager from another phone or computer.

Sign in to your google account.  Then select the phone you want to unlock from the list.

Select this option

Select the ‘Lock Your Phone’ option on the next screen.  Now type a new password to replace the old PIN-pattern or password.

Set a new lock

Now click on the lock button below.  Now enter a new password to unlock the phone.  You can re-lock the screen if you wish.

Using ‘Ok Google’ voice match

If you set up your Google Assistant in the same way, you need to pay attention to the ‘Unlock with voice’ option.  This feature works based on your already recorded voice.  If this feature is running, you can simply say ‘Ok Google’ to unlock your smartphone

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