Traffic New Rules in Gujarat 2022

Traffic New Rules in Gujarat 2022: New Rules Of Traffic Will Come Into Force In Gujarat From This Date. Provision Of Fines, Check List Referring to cases of over-speeding and traffic violations, CM bhupendra patel said that those appearing in digital documents will be considered valid. If there is no seat belt, a fine of Rs 500 will be charged. 100 rupees fine on three or four rides on a scooter.

The state government has given great relief to the Motor Vehicle Act of the Center. CM patel addressed the press conference. CM Patel addresses the press conference

  • A fine of Rs 1500 if there is no license, insurance, PUC, RC book
  • A fine of 500 rupees if caught for the first time
  • A fine of Rs. 1000 will be caught the second time
  • Documents digitally will be valid
  • Where there is a need for stringency, a strict policy will be adopted
  • Changes to more than 50 sections
  • The new rules will go into effect on September 16
  • We took care of the general public
  • A fine of Rs 500 if not a helmet
  • 500 rupees fine if the seat belt is not built
  • No parking for parking
  • The first time the current vehicle is caught talking on mobile, a fine of Rs 500
  • 1000 rupees fine if caught a second time
  • Two wheeler
  • Put on a public race, on a scooter

Traffic New Rules in Gujarat 2019 Important Link ::

Official Press Note 1 || Official Press Note 2

Explained: The new penalties for each offence under Motor Vehicles Act, 2019

Unauthorized use of vehicles without license – Fine of Rs 5,000

Driving without license – Fine of Rs 5,000

Driving despite disqualification – Fine of Rs 10,000

Acting as a conductor after disqualification – Fine up to Rs 10,000

Penalty relating to construction, maintenance, sale and alteration of motor vehicles and components – Imprisonment for up to 1 year and/or fine up to Rs 1,00,000 per vehicle.

Defective vehicles – Imprisonment for up to 1 year and/or fine up to Rs 1,00,000 for defective automobiles.

Alteration of retrofitting in contravention of rules – Imprisonment for up to six months and/or fine of Rs 5,000 per alteration

Oversize vehicles – Rs 5,000

Over-speeding – Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 for LMV; Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 for medium passenger or goods vehicles; Second subsequent offence-impounding of driving license

Penalty for dangerous driving – First offence – imprisonment six months to one year and/or fine Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000; Subsequent offence (within three years from first offence)- imprisonment up to two years and/or Rs 10,000

Drunken driving – First offence- fine up to Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment up to six months; second offece- fine of Rs 3,000 and/or imprisonment up to two years

Penalty for driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive – First offence – fine up to Rs 1,000; second offence – fine up to Rs 2,000

Penalty for offences relating to accident (Section 132 (i), 133 and 134) – First offence – fine up to Rs 5,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months; second offence- fine up to Rs 10,000 and/or imprisonment of 1 year

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